“This resort is paradise. It is so much more than we dreamed. Sitting on the deck, looking at the views, listening to the birds and having a glass of wine what more could you ask for? It is a real retreat."

Auckland (Trip Advisor)

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Environment at Riverside Matakana

Environmental Policy

Riverside Matakana believes global climate change creates a liability to operate in an environmentally responsible way. Big changes come from many small actions - our Environmental Policy is committed to this.

The design and management of this property is important to its sustainability and
environmental health therefore we have:

• Eliminated invasive vegetation and replanted extensive natives.
• Removed polluting dumped rubbish and vehicle wrecks.
• Waste water is managed using TP 58 (ARC). No discharge into Glen Eden River.
• The property developed to achieve hydrological neutrality also using TP 58 (ARC) as a reference.
• All lawn clippings etc mulched and replaced into the grounds.
• Roof water is captured for use in all bachs.
• Low profile building forms sympathetic to the landscape.
• Driveway and landscape lighting set on timers. Wasteful light bleed minimized.
• Create peaceful and beautiful environment to encourage outdoor activities around the complex.
• Committed Riverside Matakana to be an essential part of the “Matakana Experience”
• Supported local companies which deal ethically and use renewable resources.
  All cleaning products and rubbish bin liners are 100% biodegradable
  Continually supported local charity and community appeals
. Donated all expired linen and furnishings to the local Hospice.
  Staff working bees assisting locals in the eradication of noxious weeds in the community

Previous guests have made many valuable suggestions toward our aims and we hope you will share in this commitment when you visit us.

Here’s how you can contribute:

• Waste: Reduce the volume of waste produced - keep packaging to a minimum.
• Separate recyclable glass, plastics and paper and deposit in the recycling receptacle on your deck and we will collect it.
• Keep your carbon footprint teeny - use our local environmentally friendly Matakabs for your transport. Friendly drivers in fabulous hybrid technology vehicles.
• Please turn off lights, heaters and the fire when you do not need them.
• Water: Your water is collected from your roof and topped up by a natural spring on the property. Fine to drink.
• Reduce towel laundering - your bach is serviced on a daily basis with the exception of Sunday. We will replace only those items left on the bathroom floors.
• Weekly stays - your bach will have a full clean and change of linen on the 4th day. Apart from the daily service please let us know if you would like your linen changed more frequently.

If there are any other suggestions you as a guest can suggest we would love to hear from you.